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Good to have you here. Wir sind deine Stadtwerke.

We are the Stadtwerke Konstanz, a public utilities provider owned by the city of Konstanz. We are one of the largest energy supply and transport companies at Lake Constance. In addition to energy and water supply, our business areas extend to transporting passengers on our city buses (called Roter Arnold) and bikes (called konrad) and the ferry Konstanz-Meersburg as well as providing high-speed Internet, for which we are also building the fiber-optic cable net in Konstanz.

Our Portfolio: Your quality of life

As Stadtwerke Konstanz, we offer more than just the supply of light, heat and exceptionally good drinking water. With our fully owned subsidiaries Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe GmbH and BGK-Bädergesellschaft Konstanz mbH, which include the nationally renowned wellness oasis Bodensee-Therme-Konstanz and the newly built Schwaketenbad Konstanz, we are also one of the largest tourism providers in the region. We passionately ensure security, fun and relaxation for you on a daily basis – for over 150 years now.

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Green Electricity for Konstanz

All our tariffs stand for fair conditions and environmental protection in the region. With 100 percent renewable energy in all tariffs you make an active contribution to the protection of our unique environment and benefit from many sustainable premiums.

Just moved in? This is what you need to do now.

Without any further ado we supply you with energy at home. This process is called „basic supply“ and that’s our job as your basic supplier. After all, you should have electricity and gas in your new home from day one. If you do nothing after moving in, we supply you with basic supply, but we probably also have a tariff with better conditions for you.

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Every child in Konstanz knows Roter Arnold, the red city buses of Konstanz. The Konstanz bus service was introduced over 90 years ago by the then „red“ mayor Fritz Arnold and still today our buses are affectionately called Roter Arnold. But Konstanz’ residents do not only have a very special relationship with our buses, we also love our ferries „Fonti“ (Fontainebleau), Lodi and Tabor as well as the catamarans Constanze, Fridolin and Ferdinand. Also the newest members of our mobility family, the red konrad rental bikes, were quickly an integral part of Konstanz’ cityscape. We are firmly convinced that a sustainable shift of mobility will only succeed if we all participate in it, which is why traveling with us means doing good for the environment and your wallet.

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Bike rental system konrad

Ferry Konstanz-Meersburg – timetable and prices 

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App “Mein Konstanz”

Knowing when the next bus or ferry leaves, getting information about construction sites, buying tickets for konrad or Roter Arnold, navigating to the next car-sharing station, knowing whether the e-charging station is free or how many parking spaces are available in the parking garages? In the „Mein Konstanz“ app all this info is just two clicks away.

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